You Call, We Help

To much of a garage’s precious time gets lost in the search for fault reasons and in case of failed repair attempts. Normally you cannot quote the customer for this time, which does not help your bottom line. The best solution for that problem is a call to Hella Gutmann’s Technical Call Center.

For years the Hella Gutmann Technical Call Center has been a fine example for professional support by phone not only for experts but any users. Experienced engineers, technicians and master mechanics, who have been working in car dealerships and garages as well, wait for your tricky questions. They solve more than 3,000 problems per day in a timely manner.

All fault reasons, diagnostic results and solution processes are stored in one of the largest available databases for repair problems. Every Hella Gutmann workshop partner has unrestricted access to this valuable knowledge base – without expensive special rate numbers and hidden costs added into the equation. We like to share the motto one for all and all for one.


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